“After people themselves, places are the topics on which the greatest number of us have something to say.”    

~  Malcolm McCullough, from Digital Ground 

“For walk where we will, we tread upon some story.” (Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 - 43 BC)

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Think of the first place you lived. The place you first went to school. The place you spent summer vacations. The summer you met your best friend and the neighborhood that served as your stomping ground... 

These events and places are rich in meaning and full of memories. There is an interesting relationship between place, story and community. As we revisit these places in our memory, we realize how stories naturally attached themselves to places from our past and how they shape us in the present. 

Find a Story... Map a Story... Tell a Story  invites you to choose a story that matters to you and using an online mapping tool like Community WalkWayfaring or Google Maps, create a StoryMap that will place your stories within a geographical context. Using one of these digital mapping tools, locate a geographical map from your story location, and add images, audio and text memories to the place markers found on the mapping tool. This project will help you recover lost stories and save and share them so other can enjoy and learn from them. Completed StoryMaps will be posted on a student work page on the Find a Story... Map a Story... Tell a Story web site. 

You are invited to browse through the project resources on this web site and to participate by contacting the project coordinator Brenda Dyck. To access the project click on the link below








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